Today, we will be discussing Fanny Pack vs Crossbody bags.

How can I tell when a bag is a fanny pack or just a simple crossbody bag?

Yes, fanny packs and crossbody bags can actually be said to be the same thing because of their striking similarities and the manner in which they are worn, but their differences are also quite clear.

A fanny pack is any bag that can be worn comfortably around the waist. These classes of bags are called belt bags, waist bags or any other name the wearer chooses to call them.

The construction of these bags is more complicated than crossbody bags.

Crossbody bags on the other hand can come in varying shapes and sizes. These bags are normally worn across the chest or as regular shoulder bags.

They can be used to commute items like books and other gadgets depending on the size of a particular crossbody bag.


Fanny packs would never be out of style. Several ways how to wear fanny packs are still coming out.

There are some who would prefer to wear their fanny packs as wristlets.

As far as fashion is concerned, brands will keep enhancing this bag type to suit the ever-changing demands of consumers.

The curvy shape of fanny packs, for instance, was a technique adopted to make it easier to wear fanny packs not just belt bags but crossbody bags.

Sling the bag across your chest so it rests on your chest or upper bag became easier with the curvy shape of the bag.


fanny pack vs crossbody

The major difference between fanny pack vs crossbody bags is that all fanny packs can be worn as crossbody bags but not all crossbody bags can be worn as fanny packs.

There are crossbody bags that are as big as a satchel or messenger bags and as much as we will like to wear them as fanny packs, strapping these big-sized bags around your waist can be quite discomforting.

This is to finally say that Fanny packs are not crossbody bags.


Yes, you can certainly wear fanny packs as crossbody bags. In fact, fanny packs are more beautiful when worn as crossbody bags. Some fanny packs have curves that make them easily blendable as crossbody bags.


There’s no end to what one can decide to call a crossbody fanny pack. You can call a crossbody bag a shoulder bag or a sling bag.

Bags most definitely tend to adapt their names from what they are used for and how they are worn.

Hence, if a fanny pack is worn as a crossbody bag, then you can decide to call it a crossbody bag, a sling bag, or a shoulder bag.

Whereas the fanny pack remains where it was initially positioned to be, around the waist or butt area, then it becomes the waist bag, belt bag, or bum bag.


fanny pack for women

The most fashionable way to wear a fanny pack as a woman is on the waist, as a belt bag on a tight-fitting gown.

However, in cases where the dresser wants to look more casual, then it can be worn as a crossbody bag or a sling bag.

fanny pack for women

Fanny packs for women are usually designed to come in flashy colors. This probably could be as a result of their sizes and in a bid to draw some level of attention to the bags.


Fanny pack for Men

The uprising of fanny packs is fast relegating the satchel messenger bags to the background. This is due to the hands-free effect it gives to the wearer, especially men.

Most men will normally wear their fanny packs as crossbody bags. This is normally very complementary and quite fashionable.

A close substitute to backpacks is the Fanny pack. Fast going are the days when backpacks were carried by men to virtually everywhere.

The trips to the gym can comfortably be done wearing a fanny pack. Morning jogs are easier with fanny packs worn as crossbody bags.


One of the most annoying scenarios during a journey is the constant need to go to your well-packed suitcase in search of items.

Best Fanny Pack for Travel both men and women

Scattering and repacking while en route can be not only annoying but tedious.

There are other scenarios where carrying multiple bags can be very discomforting and the only option would be to pack everything in one suitcase.

But then, there are some basic things like your ID card, wallet, and petty cash that may not all fit into the pockets of your jean.

Here, the best option would be to carry along a fanny pack. You could strap this bag around your waist or decide to wear it as a crossbody bag.


Adidas crossbody fanny pack for men

Crossbody fanny packs are very lit especially when worn by men. Let’s put aside the cliche of wallets and messenger bags and focus a little on ways men can rock their crossbody fanny packs.

It’s a sunny day in Arizona and Jester has never drawn as much attention from the ladies as he’s currently getting.

Dressed in a white polo and black pants with sunscreen and sneakers, he keeps attracting stares from women as he walks past grocery stores and cafes down the street.

crossbody fanny pack for men

Blushing from ear to ear and enjoying every bit of the attention he’s getting today, he still wonders why everybody is in love with him today.

And then he realizes that his red Prada crossbody fanny pack had done the magic. “I should wear this more often!” He says to himself.

That’s the magic looking good can do to you as a man. Your ego is boosted when you are not only confident but comfortable in what you are wearing.

adjustable belt crossbody fanny pack for men

Now, one way to get comfortable is by wearing a hands-free crossbody fanny pack.

The occasional waves as you pass by familiar faces can not be thwarted with a crossbody fanny pack.

This said, let’s check out these top brands and their crossbody fanny packs for men.

  • Prada


fanny pack vs sling bag

Let’s see these 5 striking similarities between fanny packs and sling bags:

  • Both have tiny straps.
  • Both can be worn as crossbody bags.
  • Both are unisex and can be worn by both men and women.
  • Both are casual bags that can be worn in casual outfits for casual occasions.
  • Both are hands-free bags.


Louis Vuitton crossbody fanny packs are top-ranking in the world of fashion. These beautiful designs come in varying patterns.

One major feature of this brand is its use of high-quality and very durable leather.

Their crossbody fanny packs can be worn by both men and women and are known to withstand harsh weather conditions.


Funny enough the trend of crossbody fanny packs never went into extinction. There are rumors that there was a ferocious comeback, especially in the year 2020 but I’ll say this trend never went away in the first place.

Twenty years from 2022, crossbody Fanny packs would still be relevant. Not just because of their unique designs but because of the functions they serve.

We can’t always be carrying bulky items here and there, all day long.

There are days when all we need is a hands-free bag that will cause no restrictions in the exhibition of our daily routines.

Messenger bags or backpacks can be heavy at times, and the strain on our shoulders as a result of pressure from bag straps can be discomforting too.


fanny pack shoulder bag

Fanny packs are diverse in how they are worn and the names they can bear. When a fanny pack is worn as a shoulder bag it becomes a fanny pack shoulder bag.

The straps of fanny packs are usually short. Wearing them as crossbody bags no matter how comfortable they can be, can still be discomforting at times.

Broad shoulders can limit how you wear your fanny packs. If wearing them as crossbody bags is usually too tight for your broad shoulders and discomforting as well, then you could try out this fashion hack.

You can sling them on your shoulders instead of shoulder bags.

It’s not just a fashion hack but a very comfortable way to wear your fanny packs.

Skinny men and women alike also wear their fanny packs as shoulder bags.


Both serve different purposes and are used for different occasions. Fanny packs are more casual than purses. Purses on the other hand are handheld and are used for semi-official and official purposes.


There are no limited ways how to wear fanny packs and crossbody bags. While both bags are said to be the same, due to the similarities between them and how both bags can be worn interchangeably, manufacturers gave them different names for a reason.

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