The need to come up with strategies on how to wear a messenger bag came as a result of the too many questions that are always on the lips of people.

Keeping up with trends might be too difficult especially when the trends are becoming too many and too confusing.

Some fashion blogs are beginning to take the naivety of dressers to the extreme, by snapping some bad combinations and uploading them on their websites for people to read and laugh about.

I believe no one would want to be snapped and reposted for fun.

If you are ever confused about the right way how to style a messenger bag, or what messenger bags are used for, the best thing to do is to check out what fashion moguls and trends are saying.

This way, your dress sense can be more guided.


First, many of us think men don’t carry bags or purses, aren’t you aware that there is a name for a man’s purse?

A popular way to wear a man’s bag is to wear the bag as a crossbody bag. It’s funny how all bags can easily be converted to crossbody bags.

In earlier years, men had a unique pattern of styling. As times have evolved and as globalization kept occurring, some new styles have been borrowed while some old-fashioned styles have been unlearned.

Let’s see two ways men can wear their bags below;

The crossbody is a common style of bag wearing where the bag is swung across the chest and shifted to either the front, back, left, or right depending on the choice of the wearer.

Men generally are of the view that nothing and absolutely nothing should cause them any atom of discomfort. Starting from their hairdos, down to their shoe styles, comfort is the watchword.

Hence, why stress oneself slinging a bag on the shoulder and having to adjust the handle from time to time so that it doesn’t slip off the shoulder when it can easily be crossed firmly across the body and shifted to the back?

This is done so that there can still be enough space for the carrier to stuff his hands occasionally in the pockets of his pants to get a cigarette or some cash while en route.

how to wear a man bag

Hand-held is another unique style of bag wearing where the bag is not strapped to any part of the body.

The wearer decides to hold the bag by the handle instead and it becomes easier to throw the bag on the front seat beside you if you are driving.

I’ve seen a few men who would rather fold their long handles till they are short than swing them on their shoulders.


how to wear a messenger bag

Messenger bags can be worn in so many ways. The most popular way to wear a messenger bag is by slinging the handle on your shoulder. This way, there is easier access to the contents of the bag as you can easily unzip, unfold the flap or unhook the closure, depending on the design of the bag.


how to wear a messenger bag on a bike

Messenger bags are best worn as crossbody bags on a bike. This is because while cycling, it’s always better to avoid anything that might divide your attention.

Many have fallen off their bikes because they were chatting with their right hand while controlling the steering with their left hand.

Wearing your bag as a crossbody bag is very relaxing. You can either push the bag to the front or to the back.

However, the best position your bag should be kept is in your front and towards your abdomen as you are cycling. This is so that you can control the movement of the bag together with the movement of your bike.

If the road has a sharp bend to the right and your bag is swinging to the left, turning with the bend will cause a discomforting swing of your bag to the right and this can make you lose your balance while cycling.


man wearing a messenger bag

Yes, they do. In fact, messenger bags are even more fashionable for guys than for ladies. Handheld messenger bags when worn with corporate outfits can be breathtaking.

Most laptop bags have been designed as messenger bags for guys. The satchel messenger bag is a bag loved by all men.

There are some men who carry clutches as well. If men can wear clutches then they can as well wear messenger bags.

Kindly check this article on how a man can wear a messenger bag with a suit


A messenger bag should not go lower than your knees. If it does, it becomes a crossbody bag or an oversized messenger bag.

I have a little niece who loves to carry all my bags. Anytime I see her wearing my green messenger bag, I would burst into laughter because the bag will practically be crawling on the floor and begging for mercy.

The difference between a messenger bag and a crossbody bag is in the length of the handle. While both fall in the same category as messenger bags, it’s still necessary to explain that both are slightly different and should not be confused.

Yes, some people can wear messenger bags as crossbody bags. But, the fact still remains that some bags are strictly crossbody bags.


Long treks can cause stress. Cases, where your bag keeps slinging off your shoulders, can make you even more uncomfortable. Crossing the bag across your body can become boring and you might want to try out new hacks.

Below are 5 hacks on how to wear your messenger bag as a backpack:

  • Wear it as a crossbody and push it to the back.
  • Adjust the buckles till they are short enough, then sling your right hand first, followed by your left hand. This is best done on satchel bags with double straps. The double straps can be separated into two, then the wearer slings his arm on each. The outcome is an overlap at the back.
  • Remove the handle entirely and resew in a vertical line from the top, where there is a zip down to the base. Get a similar-looking handle, with the same color, and repeat the action beside the first vertical line. The space between the lines should be wide enough for the wearer to sling his hands easily through.
  • Most messenger bags have two handles. A longer strap that allows the wearer to sling the bag on his shoulder or across his body and a shorter strong handle that looks like the handle of a wristlet purse. Folding the longer strap in between the purse-like handle will cause a comfortable division of the single strap into two equal straps. This makes it easier to wear as a backpack.
  • Look out for bags that have a multi-function when making a purchase. There are bags with many hooks that can either serve as messenger bags or backpacks. All you need to do is unhook the horizontal straps and re-hook them in vertical lines.


Have you ever wondered why you prefer some bags to others? The answer is simple. Bags that give you comfort are the most sought-after.

Purses are beautiful but handle no matter how small when attached, making them more comfortable to wear. In that same way, messenger bags even though they are beautiful may lose their allure if the manufacturers do not go the extra mile to make them comfy for us.

Soft and Broad handles: The broader and softer the handles are, the more comfortable a messenger bag tends to be. Tiny straps cause a strain on the shoulders.

There are some bags that can leave a dent on your skin after you’ve dropped them. There are cases where you see the patterns on the handles, especially for chain bags, being tattooed on the shoulders, even after the wearer has removed the bag.

Even though these marks do not last long, they show how strenuous it must have been for the carrier. This is very discomforting and such bags if repeated often can start leaving blisters on the skin.

Also, tiny handles make bags heavier than they seem. The weight of the bag draws down the handles and it becomes difficult to forget that you are carrying something.

Materials that are skin receptive: There are some materials that can cause skin irritation such as redness, itching, or rashes. Such materials when used for bags should be clearly stated so that someone who is allergic won’t fall victim.

Lightweight: Bags that come with a weight of their own can be very discomforting. There are some bags that you would wear and you will be wondering what in the world is making the bag so heavy.

Very thick materials tend to add more weight to a bag. An overly padded bag can have an extra weight making it less comfortable to wear.

Handles length: Long handles tend to get heavier than shorter handles. An easy way to wear a long handle bag is by shifting the weight from one shoulder to the chest and back. Wearing it as a crossbody reduces the tension on the shoulder.


Men messenger Bag

Are messenger bags out of style? The simple answer is No! Can cell phones be out of style? In the same way, cell phones keep evolving with new and better technologies are the same way messenger bags keep evolving to suit the trends, making messenger bags always in style.

The old extra large mostly black handbag that trended in the 70s and 80s has evolved into the fashionable Louis Vuitton that is in vogue today.

There is a proliferation of colors that we never dreamt of having today. Comfort and fashion are becoming more and more predominant in our fashion sense.

Messenger bags are now available in all sizes and shapes. All these and more are pointers to the fact they have come to stay.


Various opinions on how to wear a messenger bag abound. However, the keyword everyone should look out for when trying to get a bag for everyday use should be comforting. When bags are comfortable, they can be creatively worn in any style that the wearer deems fit.

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