Sling bags are popular among men, women, teens, and children for a variety of reasons. Do you intend to go hiking? Do you want to buy a sling bag for a friend?

Whatever your motives are, one major challenge with sling bags is how to carry a sling bag, how to style a sling bag and look pretty and trendy in a sling purse.

Nothing beats making a statement with a sling purse and her matching clothes, eyewear, and shoes or sneakers.

We have a lot of bags, and it might be difficult to know how to style each one. Keep reading to learn the various methods of styling the different types of sling bags.


You can wear your sling bag in a variety of ways. However, here are the three finest ways to wear a sling bag and look stylish:

Across the back: This is the most popular way you can wear a sling bag. The shoulder strap should slide over one shoulder and the bag should rest approximately mid-back. When you wear a sling bag, it gives easy access to your belonging.

Cross the front: When you wear a sling bag in front, it is normally across your chest, which gives it easy access to your belongings.

On the hip: For this, you can strap the sling around your waist, this will turn it into a hip pack.


how to style a sling bag

The three finest ways to style a sling bag that makes a fantastic fashion statement are to carry it over the back, around the waist, or on one shoulder, since each of these style approaches will fit most of your chosen fashion outfit.


how to wear a crossbody sling bag

To begin, one popular sling bag is the crossbody sling bag. The same method you apply in styling and wearing the standard sling bag is the same way you wear a crossbody sling bag.

Let’s see how to wear a crossbody sling bag below:

Across the back: Across the back: This is the most popular way you can wear a sling bag. The shoulder strap should slide over one shoulder and the bag should rest approximately mid-back. When you wear a sling bag, it gives easy access to your belonging.

Cross the front: When you wear a sling across your chest, it gives it easy access to your belongings.

On the hip: For this, you can strap the sling around your waist, this will turn it into a hip pack.


how to wear a tactical sling bag

I have written extensively on how to wear a tactical sling bag. In summary, one of the easiest ways to wear a tactical sling bag is to place the sling bag over your shoulder or neck and then adjust it towards your back with the straps facing forward on your chest area.

There are popular and beautiful sling bags that you can wear and command attention. Yes, they might look popular but they are unique and they come in various textures and designs.

Let’s see a few popular sling bags below:


popular sling crossbody backpack bag

The casual cross-chest side pack is designed with a large capacity and multiple compartments; seven pockets for all of your daily necessities.

A computer up to 13 inches wide can fit in the roomy main pocket. Versatile features make this the ideal carry-on bag for weekend trips, outdoor recreation, and sports like hiking and cycling.

A zippered mesh net storage compartment at the bottom is available for an umbrella or wet towel. Innovation water bottle holder the side water bottle holder offers a secure brace for outdoor activities.

It has a concealed back pocket and a strap pocket for convenience (suitable for credit cards, cash, and phones smaller than 5.8 inches in size).


small popular sling crossbody shoulder backpack bag for men and women

The small sling bag is designed with an adjustable strap that can be worn across the body or over the shoulder, two sizable pockets beneath the flap, an additional storage zipper pocket in the back, and a top grab handle for lifting.

Your best option is to carry your necessities inside this luxurious leather briefcase for the daily commute or occasional business travel.

It is created in a way that combines originality and style. It is a pure leather bag that is sufficiently durable. The sling is heavy and difficult to cut or break.

The interior is fully lined with a supple material that breathes well.


Popular original sling bag with rope design

This sling rope bag has high-quality material: padded cotton 4 oz. Length of Cross Body Strap: 20″ to 40″. 20 x 11 x 3 inches in size.

One of KAVU’s iconic cross-body bags, The Ropeable, is svelte and packed with space. It has tons of storage and is stylish!

All of your adventure gear is kept in two main compartments, each with two exterior pockets for phones or cosmetics and an internal zip pocket.

Comfortable to Carry – The Rope-able is particularly comfortable to carry and offers your equipment a little extra protection thanks to the padded cotton.

Although our cross-body Rope straps are incredibly long-lasting and soft, they are also very easy to put on and go. Not to mention, each rope strap is color matched to each unique color or print.


Most times we crave the types of clothes worn by our favorite celebrities, we want to be like them, talk like them and act the way they do. But, can we spend a huge chunk of our finances to get these expensive clothes or shoes?

If you are like me that would prefer to look for an alternative, while you still look ravishing and beautiful then I recommend you try these cute celebrity sling bags I researched carefully.


celebrity sling anti theft crossbody bag for women

This small body bag has slip pockets and an RFID-blocking zipper pocket in the main compartment. It comes with a rear slip pocket with easy access for additional storage.

For the ideal fit, the shoulder strap is adjustable. You can locate items in your bag with the aid of an interior tethered key clip with an LED light.

The Travelon women’s anti-theft bag is made with water and dirt-resistant fabric that wipes clean.

Barriers built into the body and the straps stop bag slashers from getting to your valuables or taking off with them.

You have lots of space to organize and store your belongings in the small cross-body bag. It has both style and utility.

The bag can be adjusted to fit snugly against your body thanks to its slash-resistant strap. It has access to a front zip pocket and a back slash pocket for quick access to your frequently used items.


celebrity crossbody chest sling bag for gym and hiking

What you will adore about this bag is as follows:

Ultra-compact Chest Bag: (7.2oz) constructed with reinforced Bar-tack workmanship, a smooth SBS zipper, and nylon material.

Greater Breathability Back support and padded straps lighten your shoulder load.

You will feel more secure knowing that the most important items are out of reach of anyone with bad intentions thanks to the covert pocket on the side that goes against your back.

It is waterproof/resistant, which is important for the rainy part of the Spring season.

The design of its pockets allows for easy access without running the risk of things falling out of the side closest to the ground.

The shoulder strap has a buckle, making it simpler to put the bag on and take it off, which is crucial with an injured shoulder.


multi purpose celebrity sling backpack for hiking and travel

The Hiking Daypack Peony Rope Crossbody Shoulder Bag is made with a number of pockets of various sizes to accommodate all of your belongings.

2 mesh bags on either side for an umbrella or water bottle (up to the largest diameter of 2.5 inches).

You can easily access your belongings thanks to the strap clip and durable soft polyester construction.

When going for a walk or traveling outside, a buckle closure can hang a towel or some clothes.

This bag lasts a long time thanks to the sturdy hook and adjustable strap that allows for left- or right-side carrying.

The bag has a printed pattern and is appropriate for work, school, outdoor activities, and other situations.


It might seem that leather materials and especially leather bags are mainly for men but it isn’t the case. Leather can also go with women. Take, for example, leather jean trousers worn predominantly by women.

I tell you this as a fact if you are confused about the best bag gift to get for a lady, try a leather sling bag, you will be shocked how your gift will be appreciated.

Below are recommended leather sling bags suitable for women:


leather sling bag for women

This leather sling bag is just the right size—not too big, not too small—for a wallet and a phone.

The leather is of excellent quality, has a sizable, sturdy strap, and is simple to handle while shopping.

The bag is made of 30% polyester and 70% synthetic leather.

The small bag can be worn on your front or back with ease thanks to the fashionable adjustable strap, which can be adjusted to most sizes. Ideal for both men and women

The small bag can be worn on the side, chest, or back and is very adaptable. Small tablets, sunglasses, a water bottle, keys, headphones, and a portable charger are among the items it can accommodate.

Use the sling bag as a daypack or sling bag for casual use, or for work, school, travel, or hiking. Thanks to the design and material.

It endures for a very long time and rarely cracks or wears out quickly.


casual leather sling crossbody backpack for women

It has a zipper and an adjustable strap, making it versatile and practical for use as a small backpack, sling bag, chest bag, or crossbody bag.

It can conveniently hold your small items like cards, tissues, keys, and an iPad Mini while also carrying your phone, power bank, wallet, and umbrella.

The casual rucksack is made of waterproof canvas and decorated with the genuine leather; it is strong, light, well-made, small, and roomy.

It is incredibly comfortable across your back and chest, so you will love it.

Size: 14.6 x 3.1 x 11.4 inches; weight: 1.54 lb; adjustable shoulder strap length: 31.4-48.02 inches; perfectly fits your body.


canvas crossbody shoulder sling bag for women and men

This adorable and distinctive sling bag can be worn as a chest bag, a cross-body bag, a small backpack, etc. with zippered and adjustable straps.

The small cross-body backpack is 9.8 x 5.9 x 17.3 inches in size and weighs 1.4 lb. It is made of a strong, water-resistant canvas with premium zippers and brass fittings.

The shoulder casual daypack has a side zipper pocket that is easy to access and can hold your phone and other frequently used important items. The thoughtful design of the handle adds to the thoughtfulness of this chest bag.

When you wear the bag to bike, walk, hike, date, or any other outdoor activity, it makes you look like the most attractive person there is.


can you wear a sling bag in front

Yes, you can comfortably wear your sling bag in front because it gives you access to your items.

Another reason why we recommend you carry your sling bag in front is that it allows you to move easily, it is also convenient and comfortable, keeping strenuous weight off your arm or back, especially when you are running, hiking, or climbing a staircase.


Above, I have mentioned that we have a crossbody sling bag, outside this, we also have a crossbody backpack.  To learn more about crossbody bags, kindly check the following articles:

How should a crossbody bag sit?

How long should a crossbody bag be?

Can you wear a crossbody bag on one shoulder?

How to make a crossbody strap?

Below, you will find how to wear a crossbody backpack:

Wear both Shoulders: You must know that you need to always wear both shoulder straps rather than slinging your backpack with one strap on one shoulder.  It saves you from pain.

The waist strap is important too, use it because it distributes the weight evenly around the hip and relieves shoulder pressure.

For the chest strap, you must use it because it keeps the shoulder straps in place and reduces the swaying of the pack.

Finally, you also need to make adjustments to the shoulder straps so the backpack is high on your back and the shoulder straps are well balanced on your shoulders.


how to wear a fishing sling pack

Find below the best methods for wearing a fishing sling pack:

A fishing sling pack can be worn across the back: The shoulder strap should slide over one shoulder and the bag should rest approximately mid-back.

When you wear a sling bag, it gives easy access to your belonging.

You can wear a fishing sling pack across the front:  When you wear a sling across your chest, it gives it easy access to your belongings.

You can wear a fishing sling pack on the hip: For this, you can strap the sling around your waist, this will turn it into a hip pack.


A sling bag can contain numerous items and valuables. Examples of items you can place comfortably in a sling bag are below:

  • USB cables 
  • Smartphone
  • Snacks
  • Tech chargers
  • Eye mask
  • Earplugs
  • Battery bank
  • Headphones
  • Notebook and pen
  • Tissues
  • An e-reader or book


It’s been quite a great time writing about how to style a sling bag and I’m sure you found it useful. Do leave a comment!

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