Knowing when to carry a tote bag might seem like a very big deal to many but aside from the technicalities involved in having to understand the occasion and what it calls for, I don’t think there should be much ado on the carrying of tote bags.

While a lot of people might lay emphasis on the size of the bag as a major reason why tote bags should be used for some specific type of occasion, there are still those who care less about the types of bags they carry and how these bags may or may not fit the occasion.


Knowing when to use a tote bag will save you from lots of embarrassing moments. Just as a guitar bag is not ideal for carrying books, all tote bags are not ideal to be used as reusable shopping bags.

when should I use a tote bag

Let’s see a few benchmarks that can help you know when to use or carry a tote bag.

The Occasion:

Are you going to a cocktail party? If yes please avoid the tote bag by all means. Is it Prom night? If yes please do not embarrass your date with a tote bag.

Tote bags as we already know can be used for a variety of purposes but it’s necessary to still stress that they cannot be used for all purposes.

Tote bag for women

There are occasions that require you to dress accordingly and if carrying a tote bag to such occasions might make you feel out of place, then my advice is this, it is either you look up some fashion tips to know if your tote bag matches the occasion or you go without a bag so you don’t dress out of place.

Check this article on using a tote bag as a purse to know if you can maneuver your way without looking awkward in your attire.

The Design:

Tote bags are in the same category as crossbody bags in terms of versatility and variety. There are different types of tote bags specifically designed in specific ways and may not be ideal for all occasions.

Leather tote bags have a peculiar official appeal that can make users tend to use them for official outings like business meetings, regular work, and other occasions.

Now, we can’t say that because tote bags in general are casual types of bags, we can’t use designs that look official for official purposes.

Black canvas tote bag for shopping

The canvas tote bags, cotton tote bags, fabrics tote bags, and printed canvas, have a special look that makes them less official and more casual because of the canvas tote bags’ various materials.

Designers have heightened this look by creating some special kinds of writings, logos, and pictures on some of these bags.

A tote bag that has a picture of a blonde lady in sunglasses cannot be used for official purposes. If there is another tote bag written ‘LOVE ME ENDLESS’, we can use such bags on special visits to our boyfriend’s house and not attend an interview on a Friday morning.

The reusable shopping totes are as their names have indicated bags that we can use when visiting the grocery store.

There might be some occasional awkward situations that might warrant you to breeze into the office carrying one of such bags, but let’s not leverage on such occasions to say that shopping totes are official bags.

The Purpose:

What one intends to do will determine the type of bag to carry, if, for instance, if you are going for an evening walk with Rudy, your dog, carrying a tote bag might seem like an unnecessary load.

Morning jogs, hikes, and cycling have special bags that should be used. Tote bags are most definitely not the ideal bags to be used for such occasions.




when to carry a tote bag

The design of the tote bag determines when to carry the tote bag, for example, if the tote bag is made of paper or simple nylon, then the tote bag should be carried when you are going a-shopping.

If the tote bag is a canvas bag or any other fancy-looking tote with roomy inners and broad handles, then they should be used or carried for casual outings like trips to the zoo, to the beach, or even to club nights especially when it requires you to go along with some extra drinks.

Short trips like weekends at Mum or a short visit to see your boyfriend can be done carrying a tote bag. However, there are leather tote bags that are designed to look rather official, and such bags should be carried to places like work.


wearing tote bags

People wear tote bags for a lot of reasons and they are weight, style, size, and Purpose.


People wear tote bags because they are lighter than most other bags.

Unlike some leather bags and even some backpacks, tote bags are generally designed in coated canvas and canvas materials are by far lighter than leather materials.


Tote bags are simply looking and do not require any extra course on how to wear them.

They do not have loops or multiple compartments like a few other bags, also you necessarily do not need to find out how to wear them as backpacks or even as crossbody bags, it’s easier to sling them on your right or left shoulder and that’s it.


Tote bags are naturally spacious with roomy inners that give the user free access to search for items inside the bag.

Hardly are tote bags designed to not contain basic items.

Students prefer tote bags because of their shape as all sizes of books can easily fit into the bag and you don’t necessarily have to struggle with zipping and unzipping the bag.


People wear tote bags because of what tote bags are used for. Tote bags are used for shopping sprees, casual outings, and formal and semi-formal outings alike.


Tote bags are used for a variety of purposes. Some of them may have not even been heard of but the few purposes that are considered the general uses of tote bags are as follows;

  • You can use your tote bag for your hand luggage
  • Short trips are done with tote bags
  • Nursing moms use them as everyday use bags because of their spaciousness
  • Students carry their books with tote bags
  • Tote bags are used as reusable shopping bags
  • Fancy tote bags are used for special outings
  • Tote bags can be work bags.


No, a tote bag is good and fits into the category of hand luggage and not a carry-on because of its design and use.

Let’s not confuse these two things, carry-on luggage, and your hand luggage.

Now, your carry-on luggage is the extra baggage that your airline allows you to carry along with you into your cabin.

Your hand luggage on the other hand is the small bag that contains your personal items which on a norm shouldn’t be in your hold luggage or in your carry-on either. These personal items could be your inhaler, your cell phone, your passport, wallets, etc.

Both bags usually weigh differently. The carry-on is usually heavier than the hand luggage and is ideally a suitcase with wheels.

Whereas the hand luggage is less heavy and is ideally a backpack or even a handbag as the case may be.


Tote bags are good for everyday use.

However, the design of the bag in question will determine if it can be used for everyday use or if it should be used occasionally.

Beach totes or should I say tote bags that can be worn on visits to the beach are normally not everyday-use bags since we do not go to the beach on a daily basis this can stand as one of the disadvantages of tote bags.

Other tote bags with peculiar inscriptions may be awkward if used as everyday-use bags. Imagine wearing a HELLO FRIDAY tote bag every day of the week.


Black Tote Bag

Black tote bags are very ideal for everyday use. This is because the color wreaks versatility and no one really notices when black is worn repeatedly. 

Black might be boring but black totes are a bit different from regular black bags that might become too uninteresting especially when worn regularly.

Black Tote Bag for women

Black tote bags are unique because of the class of bag they represent. Tote bags are by nature lovable bags that can be used by both men and women.

Nobody really says no to a tote bag and if the color is black then we might as well, welcome it with open arms.


Tote Bags for Women

Women’s tote bags are one of the most popular types of bags in existence. A Google search on tote bags will reveal thousands of handbags on the shoulders of slender feminine faces either smiling or frowning as the case may be.

Women’s tote bags come in a variety of colors but have one thing in common, their shapes are usually V-shaped, rectangular shaped, or even square-shaped with bold handles that can rest easily on one’s shoulders or elbows.

Casual canvas shoulder tote bags for women

The shopping totes though unisex might be a bit different in shape. Most shopping totes are square or horizontally shaped.


Tote bags for men

Tote bags for men are entirely a different ball game. These bags are defined by a number of extra pockets for extra items.

A picture of a man’s tote bag speaks of complications and at times I wonder if the tech world was made for men alone.

Please do not misunderstand me, the tech world is an all-comers affair and should be embraced by both men, women, Trans, and binary.


There is no special lesson on how to use a tote bag. Tote bags are used however it best suits the user. However, one thing should be emphasized, rough handling of a tote bag even though it falls under the category of ‘reusable’ will definitely shorten its lifespan.


Here are a few items you can put or carry in your tote bags;

  • Books
  • Wallets
  • Pouches or purses
  • ATM cards
  • A few extra clothes
  • Cash
  • Passports, cellphones, ear pods
  • Baby diapers, nipples, water cans, baby wipes, etc.


Tote bags were never out of style. In years to come tote bags will still be preferred to the majority of other bags because of the purposes they serve.

It is true that there are some environmental hazards that have been associated with reusable shopping totes but their benefits still supersede these hazards and there will be no ban on tote bags even in the nearest future.


I don’t agree with a stipulated size for tote bags. Firstly, the size of tote bags is dependent on the bag size itself. If the bag size is large, this will greatly affect the size and vice versa.

However, an average tote bag ranges from 35cm to 45cm in terms of height and 30cm to 35cm in terms of width

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