Perfect fitting is a great thing for fashion and it can be a bit challenging to find a perfect length of a crossbody bag that fits your unique style.

So I understand when you ask the question of how long should crossbody bag be.

In this article, I will show you what a crossbody bag is and how to make an adjustable crossbody strap, some standards that are suggested can open you up to various options you can experiment with to help you find the perfect length that fits your unique style.


crossbody bags

A crossbody bag as the name implies is a type of bag that has a long shoulder strap that is mostly worn diagonally across the body. It can come in form of a purse or a bag with a long strap.


where should a crossbody bag hit

Your crossbody bag or purse should ideally sit slightly above the hip. This makes it easy to access and keeps your hip from bouncing around.

One of the most significant elements to consider when deciding where to place a crossbody purse is the length of the strap.

If the strap length is too long or too short, it can be uncomfortable and even inconvenient, and the overall appearance of your distinct style may be unappealing.

So, for the optimal fit, your crossbody bag should ideally hit just over your hip. It is easily accessible and will fit your specific lifestyle.

The design and size of your bag should also be considered, as well as how well it fits your own style.

Finally, pay attention to the kind of material the crossbody bag is made of.


how long should crossbody bag be

A few things to consider when you are deciding on the length of your crossbody bag are the location of your body and where your crossbody bag should rest are:

  • The length of the strap
  • The width of the strap
  • The drop in the length
  • Your height
  • Your curves

With the above in mind, you can locate your doorknob and hang your bag on it. The way to know the strap “drop” is the range from the middle of the bag to the top where it’s resting on the knob. That’s the range.

For women 5’2″ and shorter, some stylists recommend an 18-inch drop. For women 5’6″, a drop of about 20 inches will work well. If you are a woman of 5’8″ or taller, a 22 inches drop will be perfect.

It’s important to note that the width of the strap follows what you are wearing; if you are wearing a dress like a coat, it will be wider.


extra long strap crossbody bag

When it comes to extra-long strap crossbody bags, there are things you must consider to know if it’s perfect for you.

In most cases, extra-long straps are within the 60-inch range.

The normal crossbody is 50-inch range.

For long shoulder, and short crossbody it’s a 40-inch range

For the short shoulder, it’s the 20-inch range and lastly, for the top handle, it’s a 12-inch range.


First, the shoulder strap drop length of a crossbody bag is:

For long-shoulder, short crossbody it’s a 40-inch range.

For the short shoulder, it’s the 20-inch range and lastly, for the top handle, it’s a 12-inch range.

To measure the shoulder strap drop length of crossbody bags, you can either use any of the three steps I will give:

  • It will be great if you already have a crossbody bag that you want to replicate or you love so that you already know where the strap drop length will be on your unique body.
  • You can take a tape measurement of the bag as I stated earlier, if you place the strap on a door knob, you can measure from the middle or center to the top of the strap.
  • You can use your tape and find the length that is closest to your preferred shoulder strap drop length in inches.
  • You measure your body from the very top of your shoulder to the opposite side or waist where you want your bag to sit.
  • Lastly, the closest measurement in inches that you can find and choose from are 18″, 20″, and 23″.


The 50-inch range usually works for a normal strap length of crossbody bags because it can easily rest properly across one’s chest.

Bag strap length usually depends on one’s height so there is no one-size-fits-all method. The strap length ideally needs to drop at your hip area.

Some women are 5’2” or shorter, their ideal drop length is 18″. For women who have a height between the ranges of 5’2″and -5’8″, their crossbody bag strap can be adjusted to a drop length of 20″.

The bags that have a drop length of 23″ are best for ladies who are 5’8″.


Ideally, the strap length should be long till it gets to your hip area.

Some women are 5’2” or shorter, their ideal drop length is 18″. For women who have a height between the range of 5’2″and -5’8″, their crossbody bag strap can be adjusted to a drop length of 20″. Then bags that have a drop length of 23″ are best for ladies who are 5’8″.

In addition to that, you can minus 8″ after measuring the length of where you want the strap to drop; this will help it fit in between 15-30″.


Normally, as I earlier stated, this is the 50-inch range of Crossbody or ‘Chest straps.

This gives your bag style the allowance of securely wearing it over your head so that the straps will rest on your shoulder and the bag will cross your chest and then sit around your hip area on the opposite side of your unique body.


Imagine if you’re plus size and you visit a shop to find a crossbody purse, you actually see one that you like but unfortunately the strap length isn’t long enough for you which is even the main thing! How will you feel? Sad right?

Well, that’s why I’m writing this to show you the perfect crossbody purse that fits your unique plus size.

In this article, you will see the 6 best plus-size crossbody bag brands that make plus-size crossbody bags & purses.


The Graddon Crossbody bag for Women includes an adjustable strap that extends from 21.6 to 26.8 inches, making it one of the top plus-size crossbody bags.

Graddon Plus size crossbody bag and purse

It is quite affordable and may be worn with black or blue jean trouser and a dope white long sleeve that will capture the attention of anyone.

This crossbody shoulder bag includes a little purse that is both durable and simple to clean. The Graddon crossbody shoulder purse bag does not have inferior zippers that easily deteriorate due to numerous openings like most crossbody purses.

You don’t need a big cross bag to weigh you down as a lady. Arrange your wallet, keys, phone, makeup, and other belongings gently.

If you’re looking for the ideal present for any event, such as Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day, this is your best bet.

Ideal for shopping, school, work, travel, business, and vacations.

This crossbody shoulder bag and purse is a fantastic fit for the shoulder and body. A good buy for the price. We really recommend it.


crossbody shoulder bag with adjustable chain strap

To begin, this adjustable crossbody bag has an adjustable shoulder strap with a drop of 22″ (min) to 25″ (max) and a length of 48″ (min) to 54″ (max).

What makes this crossbody bag unique is that you can adjust the length to fit your height and body size.

It is light and of high quality.

If you’re looking for the perfect crossbody bag that isn’t too small or too large, look no further.

Organize your phones, makeup (lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, and concealer), credit cards, and cash with ease.


small crossbody backpack for women

This lady’s petite crossbody bag is made of faux leather. The adjustable shoulder strap has a drop of 21″ (minimum) to 33″ (maximum).

You can instantly convert this little crossbody bag into a backpack by pulling on the strap. It also contains a primary compartment on the interior for storing your personal belongings.

There’s no need to buy a tote bag when you have this multifunctional and stylish crossbody bag.

What I like best about this cross bag is that it has a hidden pocket where you can hide and safeguard your valuables.


small crossbody bag and purse for women with shoulder strap

I call this small crossbody bag “small but mighty” since it can hold a lot, including your wallet, iPhone, keys, lipstick, and even medical supplies.

This cross bag has two zipper compartments on each side, as well as one small open pocket and one zipper pocket on the inside.

The adjustable shoulder strap has a drop of 26 inches. To prevent theft when traveling, you may also lock the zipper of this crossbody purse.

If you’re looking for a simple and stylish crossbody purse or bag that’s great for everyday usage, your search is over.

Get this strong, attractive, and roomy crossbody bag and purse right away!


women crossbody travel and purse bag

This genuine leather women’s crossbody bag has a smooth interior with a front zipper pocket, a main back zipper pocket, and a secure inner zipper pocket to protect your belongings.

The strap measures around 51 inches in length and is entirely adjustable. The shoulder strap is exceptionally robust due to its two-layer design, making it suitable for carrying items such as an iPad, sun creams, cellphones, vehicle keys, phone chargers, and tiny makeups.

Ideal for loved ones for occasions such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, charismas, birthdays, and Valentine’s.

You can wear it as a cross-body bag or as a shoulder bag; it will be comfy in any position.

Finally, this bag has a very long strap that is entirely adjustable and has a drop length of 26 inches. The strap may be changed to various lengths to meet your needs, whether you are tall or short.


As I earlier stated, a normal crossbody bag (which is also known as a chest strap) length is within the 50-inches range.

Usually, this range makes one wear the bag style securely over the head; when it’s worn over the head, the strap will rest on the shoulder and the bag will cross the chest and sit around the hip area. This is usually the opposite side of the body.

Crossbody bags are so popular because of the following reasons:

  • Functionality: When you cross the bag over your shoulder, you can walk free and shop or run errands because your hands are free.
  • Versatility: You can carelessly throw the bag over your shoulder and run off! Crossbody bags come in different colors. Many like me would go for black because it perfectly works for all outfits.
  • Timeless: Crossbody bags have been around and got trendy since 5 or 6 years ago. People realized that they don’t have to carry everything about their lives in a bag! With a few essentials, you can throw your crossbody bag over your shoulder and go. I will suggest you go for high-quality ones so that they can serve you for many years to come!
  • Celebrities Choice: Most celebrities are usually on the go so crossbody bags work perfectly for celebs.
  • Style: Crossbody bags will always fit one unique style. It’s chicky and stylish. It gives your unique body a cool vibe. With your hands free all the time when you throw the bag over your shoulder, you can easily run errands & multitask.


It’s been an interesting crossbody bag journey so far; you’ve read the answer to your question about how long should a crossbody bag be. I believe your need has been met. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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