A crossbody strap is one thing that makes it a crossbody bag what it is. What use is a crossbody bag without a strap?

You need your hands free so you can do other things whilst looking cute with your crossbody bag because it has a strap!

There are two ways of making it (a detachable & adjustable crossbody strap) and the interesting part is that in this article I will show you a DIY way how to make a crossbody strap, bag, the Hardware, and supplies required!

Let’s learn!


how to make a crossbody strap

Before you make a strap for your crossbody bag, you will need to know the hardware required. After getting the required hardware, follow the instructions below to make a crossbody strap:


Bag Hardware required:

  • Two lobster clasps (swivel clips).
  • One strap slider adjuster
  • A long strip of fabric
  • 53 inches long & fusible woven interfacing
  • 2 D-rings, or O-rings – add as anchors before you get into fabric cutting!

Step 2

Fabric Cutting Pieces:

If for instance, we are looking at the Strap width of 1 ¼ inch (32 mm):

You will need pieces for:

  • The outer fabric
  • The interfacing

Step 3

Sewing Section:

If you follow the instructions in this section, you are on your way to making your crossbody strap!

I have split the instruction into 4 easy parts:

  • You will need to make the side strap tabs
  • You will need to make the long strap
  • You will need to attach the slider
  • You will need to attach an adjustable strap to the crossbody bag.


Step 1

 You will need to fold the stripe tab through the rectangle ring and leave the unfinished edge hidden behind the finished edge. You can baste stitch to keep the fold in place.

Step 2

Attach the tab so that the top part with the hardware can be either at the bag level or a bit higher.

Step 3

You will need to get ready for bulk and stitch slowly; pivot at corners. You can also stitch a rectangle when you have a lot of layers to sew through.

You will realize that the seam is strong enough, you can also do it in the envelope style.

Step 4

Lastly on this, you can repeat with the other tab by attaching the second one to the other side of the bag side seam.


Step 1

Firstly, you will need to find a fabric that complements or matches the purse.

Step 2

You will need to measure the distance you want the clutch purse to hang on your shoulders and then return to where you started.

Step 3

You will need to add 1 inch in the length to allow room for attaching the straps to the purse.

Step 4

You have to cut the fabric to your measured length and make it 5 inches wide.

Step 5

You will need to turn the tube over and then make the seam inside; it will create a stronger strap to prevent edge wear.

Step 6

You will need to fold the fabric in half and then use a sewing machine to sew the edges in the longitudinal direction.

Step 7

You will need to turn the tube over and make the seam inside.

Step 8

You will need to sew each end of the strap to the purse, afterward make sure that the two points are equidistant from each other and also from the top of the purse.

You will check if the stitches are visible, if they are, you can then use ribbons or decorative buttons to cover the spot where the strap was attached.


replacement shoulder strap for bags

Step 1

You will need to wisely attach your fabric or ribbon tab by stitching on top of the stitching lines that are already in place.

Step 2

You will need to cut a 3-4″ strip of ribbon, or make a loop or tab out of fabric; then you slip the ribbon or fabric tab through the clasp and then stitch it to the lining side of the bag.

Step 3

You can use the stitching lines at the top edge of the bag, and the side seam as your guide.

The focus and goal are to make the ribbon long enough to allow the entire clasp to hang comfortably at the side of the bag.

Check if the loop is too short, if it is, then the clasp will teeter awkwardly at the top edge of the bag when the shoulder strap rests at the side.

When you’re done and you don’t need the strap, you can detach your shoulder strap, coil it up, and then store it in an inside pocket.  The clasps will hang inside the bag, out of the way at the side seams.

For an open-top bag, you can add the clasps; it makes it more flexible. The little clasp can clip to other things like your cell phone or keys in a pinch. You may add an extra clasp or 2 around the top edge of your bag in case of other things you may need it for.


Wide shoulder crossbody strap for handbags

Wide crossbody straps provide a larger surface area. They make carrying the bag easier in such a way that the pressure exerted by the bag on the shoulder is less.

In order words, wide crossbody straps help to create more joint space. It relieves stress and pain. It takes the pressure off strained muscles.

wide adjustable crossbody handbag strap

Width sizes:

  • We have the standard width straps (¾-inch)
  •  We have the classic width straps (1-inch)
  • We have the wide width straps (1½-inch)
  • We also have extra wide straps (2-inch)


Follow the steps below that shows you how to make a crossbody strap longer; this action is what affects the length of how a crossbody bag should be.

Step 1

First, you will need to connect the handbag chain to the disconnected end of the purse strap.

Step 2

You will need to clip the original purse strap onto the ring at the end of the handbag chain.

Step 3

You will need to clip the opposite end of the handbag chain to the purse ring.

Step 4

You have to adjust the purse’s original strap to the desired length, by using the length adjustment clip on the strap.


how to make an adjustable crossbody strap
  • You will need to apply interfacing first to the middle of the entire long outer fabric stripe and the middle of the side strap tabs.
  • How to make side crossbody strap tabs:

You can attach a strap to the crossbody bag using different ways:

Some bag patterns have a top strap anchor, a side strap anchor, or a sewn-in or sewn-on bag; In this article, I will show you one way to do it.

For the adjustable bag strap:

You need to first press both unlined edges towards the center and then you fold the tab in half along the center & press it again.

So, for the adjustable bag strap, the above are the two pressed stripe tabs; you will need to finish 1 short end on each of them. Also, you need to unfold the center fold and re-fold it inside and out.

Still on the adjustable bag strap

You will need to stitch over the short end, using the ⅜” (=1 cm) seam allowance.

You will need to trim the corners to reduce bulk and turn the right side out and then press.

Finally, on this, you will need to repeat on 1 short end of the other stripe tab.


Below, you will find the recommendation on how long a crossbody strap should be:

Step 1

An 18-inch drop for women 5′ 2″ & shorter.

Step 2

You have to take into consideration how you would want your crossbody bag to fall on your hips.

Step 3.

For women up to 5′ 6″, a can A drop of about 20 inches will work well

Step 4.

Considering women who are 5′ 8″ or taller, you can look at a drop of 22 inches or more which can be perfect for their unique style.


It’s been quite a journey on how to make a crossbody strap. I believe this article has walked you through the process!

Spread the word!

Thank you!

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