If you are asked what’s sling bag meaning as a gift, you are probably going to say a whole lot of things based on what you feel is the meaning behind the gifting of bags.

I won’t be surprised if there are some traces of superstition and culture in your reasons just as I am not going to say that you are wrong.

This is because, culture, religion, and even society at times, play a major role in shaping people’s perception about different things, gift items, and possible reasons why these items were chosen as gift items, and so on.

This said, let’s hear my own point of view and see if it matches yours.

why sling bags are popular

Sling bags are popular because of their unique design and what they are used for.

The fact that sling bags are multipurpose and can be used by both gender is a major reason behind their popularity.

The sling bags for men which normally come with a sporty look is generally loved by most men and because of this love, most men would love to have one for themselves, thereby causing an increase in its popularity.





sling bag meaning as a gift

The meaning of sling bag as a gift is not different from the general meaning accrued to bags as gifts. It could mean a detached and non-personal exhibition of affection, especially if it’s gifted by a platonic friend, or a welcome into adulthood if it’s gifted by a father to her daughter.


18-year-old birthdays are filled with several emotions, ranging from fear, and freedom down to pure excitement.

The meaning of a sling bag as a symbolic gift for debutants can mean they appreciate you in their lives, with the gift of a sling bag for debutants symbolizes closeness, they adore you, and they will protect and fight for you always.

A sling bag as a symbolic gift for a debutant also symbolizes strength, and responsibility as you celebrate and walk into a new era of life.


Gifting a bag to a debutant means a lot of things to a lot of people. There are times when the intent of the giver may be misunderstood by the recipient.

However, there are a lot of general meanings we can attach to bags. Let’s see the list of messages a bag gift can pass across to the recipient or 18 treasures gift bag meaning.

  • Welcome to Adulthood, I’m glad you are free from all constraints, so I’ll love to always hang around you, just as this sling bag will always hang on your shoulders. Can we be friends?
  • It’s good to know that you’ve grown into the woman I’ve always dreamt of you being. Now that you are 18, there are a lot of decisions and responsibilities you will shoulder alone. Happy 18th Birthday Meg.
  • Look how exquisite you look in your black dress, have this bag, and never for one moment doubt how beautiful you are. Love from Mom.
  • I was walking past a bag shop and I saw this blue sling bag it reminded me of your eyes, so I knew it would be the perfect gift for you. I love you, Mi Amore.
  • Friends are those who see through each other and who can easily tell when one is lacking, you’ve been using that brown satchel bag all year, please have this sling bag, and I pray you do like it. With love, Meggy.

Truth is, bag gifts have a lot of hidden and unhidden messages, however, you can always create your own personal message for each gift bag you give to your loved ones, based on the level of understanding you have for each other and how intimate or platonic your relationship is with them.


There are two major ways how to gift a handbag. You can either gift it as an actual bag for a birthday, a job promotion gift, or congratulations on your wedding anniversary gift or you can create a handbag cake for a gift.

These two ways have different meanings which I will be explaining briefly below:

Gifting an actual handbag meaning:

Gifting a handbag is a safe gift to give someone who is not emotionally attached to you.

Co-workers from time to time gift themselves with items like handbags, wristwatches, and in some cases, earrings, depending on how close they are.

Most times, selecting a gift to give an opposite gender can be very mind-blowing especially when you are not very certain of the recipient’s reactions when she receives the gift.

The question will be why is a handbag considered a safe gift? Every woman needs a handbag at one point or the other in her entire life as a woman.

There are other gift items that even though they are greatly needed by women but when gifted by someone who is not close enough to gift such items can be seen as intrusion, insulting, or even abusive.

Some of such gift items can be underwear, sanitary items, and sex equipment, amongst others. All said I bet you now understand why handbags are considered a safe gift right?

Let’s move to the next phase.

Gifting bags as cakes.

Now, why will I gift you a cake bag instead of an actual bag?

The answer is simple, I know your worth and no matter how expensive the bag I buy for you is, it won’t be enough to say how much I value you.

So I’ll just go on to create a prototype handbag, never worn before, or the world’s most expensive bag design in a simple cake.

With this simple gift of mine, I want to make you understand that you mean more than rubies and diamonds to me! Amazing right? Well, now you know.


A bag is that helpmate that will carry your most secretive and even your most disgusting stuff without wincing or complaining.

Funny yes, but this is true. Have you ever wondered why some people take special offense whenever someone tries to open their bags without their consent?

Well, that’s because the things we don’t want to expose unnecessarily are safest in our bags, whether handbags, satchel bags, or sling bags.

It’s amazing how we can easily tell what one does or represents by merely looking inside his bag. This goes a long way to explain that a handbag symbolizes our identity and the people around us.

Looking into a doctor’s purse, one might see, syringes of different sizes, a stethoscope, probably a wallet that has a picture of his wife and kids, and some other credentials like his doctor’s license.

A soldier’s bag might contain a handgun, a few bullets, a water can, or even a necklace that has a picture of the family he has left at home.

A handbag can mean your companion especially if you are very introverted. I’ve seen some people who would clutch their bags tightly when they are either embarrassed, scared, or cautious.


Most people when they dream of bags perceive them to have a very deep spiritual meaning.

One such meaning is that the recipient has been bestowed with extra responsibilities which will require more focus and discipline. This is mostly accrued to men.

There are still others who believe that it means good tidings, good fortune, more talents to explore, greater awakening, and so on.

We still have those who are skeptical about receiving bags especially when the content of the bag was concealed from the recipient in the dream.

According to these groups of people, this could mean that something,  probably danger,  is imminent, and has agreed to take the bag means that you’ve accepted your fate.

The strong-minded ones can claim that they will dream again and return the bag to the giver.

There are several ways this can be achieved, some of which are black magic and intentionally willing your mind to dream of certain things.

However, I  don’t advise any of the above methods.

For me, dreaming of bags means as little as dreaming of your friends, your school, your workplace, or any other activities you must have carried out during the day.

Dreaming of bags could even mean your closet calling out to you to stock it up with new bag designs.


Yes, a purse is a good gift for a girlfriend.

There’s an ancient African saying that when a child, especially a daughter is very attached to a parent, whether a father or a mother, such a child will be considered as the parent’s handbag or purse.

Purse good gift for girlfriend

Let’s use this analogy to describe what a purse means as a gift to your girlfriend. Purses are fancy and when worn have a unique way of accentuating whatever outfit you’ve put on.

Purses when gifted especially by a lover to her spouse can mean a lot of things, ranging from you being the only one I always want around me to your beauty ever blooming.

Most times, it’s better to gift purses together with another complementing gift, let’s say an LBD with a fancy purse and a very classy shoe.

Girlfriend Satchel Purse

You can as well gift the purse with other accessories like necklaces, rings, and earrings.

Purses as gifts are never out of fashion and will always remain a go-to option whenever you are a bit uncertain about what to buy for your girlfriend.

However, before proceeding to buy a purse for her, please make sure you know her taste, her favorite color, the brand she loves the most, her buying behavior, and the color that best suits her skin hue.

I said buying behavior because there are many ladies who would rather go for a style out of fashion than a style that has an 80 percent level of proliferation.

Buying her a purse that she can easily see at least two to three other random people wearing isn’t classy in any way.


Sling bags are easy-to-carry bags that can be slung on the shoulders or worn as crossbody bags.

They come in various designs and are used by both men and women. Sling bags are the most popular bag designs because of their multifaceted look.

These bag designs can be designed to look like crossbody bags, shoulder bags with long straps, or backpacks with single straps.


Giving a bag means a lot of things to different people. Giving a bag especially if you are not close to a person but are in need of some level of intimacy can mean that you don’t want to ever let her go.

You want her always around you. It could also mean that you’ve observed her style and is willing to do anything to contribute to how she looks on a daily basis.

This actually means you are indirectly asking her to be your girlfriend.


A gift bag when gifted by a father to a daughter or son means that you are welcoming him or her into adulthood and that you have taken the bold step of allowing him or her to make the decisions and inevitable mistakes that are attributed to adulthood without any form of interference.


Yes, you can give bags to loved ones as gifts. This is because bags are veritable gifts that can be used for all occasions and gender.

Bags are considered easy-to-access gifts that can be gifted regardless of the relationship status of the giver and the receiver.


Let’s not get too engrossed in the spiritual and physical meaning of bags. Rather let’s be satisfied with the knowledge that bags are gifts appreciated by both genders and can be used as both personal and professional gift items.

Bags as gifts have been in vogue from the inception of bags till date and there’s nothing we can do to stop bags from being used as gifts. We love that they are giftable.

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