Our focus today will be shoulder bag vs crossbody bags.

If someone asks or takes a general poll of how important our bags are or what they are used for, you will discover that pretty much many people don’t joke about what type of bag they carry, how they carry it, and to what junction or occasion and this applies to both men and women.

Studies have shown that people have bags for work, for travel, for taking a stroll in the park, or even for going shopping.

So, regardless of who you are or what you do, a bag is common to all in getting the individual and their belongings from one point to another.

Maybe you are looking at replacing your current bag, or changing your style totally have an upgrade or you simply love educating yourself about bags, then you can stick around because we have got you covered.


The importance of a functional and satisfactory bag for your everyday movement cannot be over-emphasized. Let’s take a look at the cross bags.

Crossbody bags

Firstly, they are super fashionable, they come in different shades of color and sizes ranging from very small that can hold personal items like your keys, phone, and cards. Etc.

Crossbody bags are also large enough to hold your books or even a mini laptop. Crossbody bags are categorically known for their legendary strap which mostly comes as adjustable.

Just like the name goes, it is worn across your body from your shoulder to your hips.

Crossbody bags also allows for easy access to the content of your purse. Wearing a crossbody bag leaves your hand free from much more activities.

Finally, it is an anti-theft bag.


shoulder bag vs crossbody

Below is the difference between shoulder bag vs crossbody bags:

Shoulder bags aren’t resistant to theft.Resistant against theft.
It is worn on one shoulder and can easily slide off.It is worn across your body from one shoulder to the opposite hip.
Has more variety of sizes and can hold more items for the user.Sizes are not as much as shoulder bags and contain less when compared to shoulder bags.
Shoulder bags do not keep your hands completely free.Crossbody bags leaves your hands completely free to attend to other things.
Shoulder bags are made from various materials like leather, suede, nylon, and canvas.Crossbody bags are usually made from fabrics and leather.
Shoulder bags do not always come with adjustable straps.Crossbody bags always do come with adjustable straps.


Below are the differences between a crossbody bag and a shoulder bag;

Crossbody bags are often smaller in size and more compact than shoulder bags.

Crossbody bags can carry a few essentials while shoulder bags can carry many essentials.

A crossbody bag has a long strap that is designed to be worn across the body and the strap is usually adjustable so that the bag can be worn at different lengths while a shoulder bag has a shorter strap that is designed to be worn over the shoulder.

Crossbody bags normally rest on the opposite hip or at the front of the body while shoulder bags rest at the side of the body.

Crossbody bags are generally smaller in size and more compact, while shoulder bags can vary in size and have a more traditional strap length.

Finally, Shoulder bags can come in a variety of sizes, from small and compact to large and spacious. The strap is usually not adjustable, but some shoulder bags may have a detachable strap that allows them to be worn as a crossbody bag.


handbag vs crossbody bag

Find below the difference between a handbag vs a crossbody bag;

Handbags are carried in the hand or over the arm while crossbody bags are worn across the body, leaving the hands free.

handbag for women

Handbags usually have short straps or handles while crossbody bags have longer straps.

Handbags are designed in various sizes, from large totes to small purse clutches while crossbody bags are designed to be medium, small, and more compact holding essentials.

Crossbody bags are often used for travel, and outdoor activities like hiking leaving your hands free for other tasks while Handbags are for formal activities and fashion accessories.

hobo handbag for women

Handbags can put a strain on your arm or shoulder because of the way they are carried while crossbody bags tend to be more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time than handbags.

In addition, in case you want to make an outstanding fashion statement and carry a lot of items, we recommend you pick a beautiful handbag if you want a casual bag that will get your hands free, we recommend you get a practical crossbody bag.

Finally, we always recommend you avoid carrying heavy bags on one shoulder as it has several health effects.


crossbody bag for men

Who wouldn’t love crossbody bags for men? They are a fashion statement and a lot of brands out there are making it a hard day to pick and choose.

These bags mostly come in square and rectangular shapes and they are mostly made from leather, recyclable polyester, or very thick cloth material.

Another unique feature is that most of them although not all, come with a lot of zipper/non-zipper compartments.

They don’t also come in many colors and that is quite understandable. The major colors are black, brown, and white.

Crossbody bags for men usually don’t have thin straps and you cannot find any chain-like straps either, their straps are broad (wide) and adjustable.


crossbody bag for women

Crossbody bags for women are lovely! The colors, the variety in shapes and styles from square to rectangle to mini, cell phones or hobo bags, the list goes on and on.

Some crossbody bags for women are heavily accessorized while others are simple, solid-color bags. The accessories may be studs, stones, and blinks. Etc.

We can also find bags with both leather and chain strap fussed together isn’t that lovely? Don’t forget that women also do leather crossbody bags.

The whole idea is to know what is suitable for that function or occasion and slay in your outfit, Crossbody bags make you creative and you can make a fashion entrance with them.


Bags for Ladies

Now, I must admit that women generally love bags and cannot do without them. Our bags are an extension of ourselves, our style, and how we want to be perceived and even treated by others.

Little wonder why designer bags make so many sales. It is normally said that a woman has nine lives and so goes her bags.

A woman should have a variety of bags for her different myriad of activities.

Some common bags for women are tote bags, hobo bags, messenger bags, crossbody bags, sling bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, laptop bags, bucket bags, pouches, clutch bags, barrel bags, wallets, make-up purses, shopping/grocery bags, and the list goes on and on.

Depending on the activities to be carried out or the occasion, thus the type of bag to be used.


So at this point, I believe we know what sling bags are and what they are not. Just like we wrote about shoulder bag vs crossbody bag, we will do the same now.

The table below shows the major differences between sling bags vs crossbody bags also bearing in mind that there are different types of sling bags.

A Traditional sling bag is designed to be worn across your back or your chest.A Crossbody bag is worn across your body, from one shoulder and then you have the bag resting on your hips.
Sling bags generally tend to have broader and thick straps, sometimes even padded at some areas of the strap.   This is due to the way they are built to be used.Compared to sling bags, crossbody bags have slimmer straps.
Some Sling bags have detachable straps, allowing you to transform the bag into an organizer pouch.  Crossbody bags are not designed that way.   They only come with adjustable straps & when detached cannot be converted to an organizer pouch.
For Sling bags, the position of the buckle will determine how the bag will be worn or carried.This is not the case with crossbody bags should they have a buckle.


Shoulder Bag

So to make it easy, let’s make a list of what characterizes a shoulder bag.

  • A shoulder bag is a handbag with at least one strap or a double strap.
  • Most shoulder bags can be adjusted, especially the ones with double straps.
  • Shoulder bags come with straps that are long enough to fit over the shoulder.
  • Shoulder bags are sustained by the shoulder, enabling the user to carry them somewhat hands-free.
  • Shoulder bags always have an inside pocket, compartments, and zippers.
  • Shoulder bags have been noted to have under-straps since they are carried on the shoulder.


Handbag vs shoulder bag

Find below the difference between a handbag vs a shoulder bag;

Handbags are normally small in size, and designed to be carried by hand while shoulder bags are large in size and designed to be carried over the shoulder.

Handbags have short straps or short handles and are held in the hand or over the wrist while shoulder bags have longer straps or handles that can be worn over the shoulder or across the body.

Handbags can come in a variety of styles, such as clutch bags, tote bags, and satchels while shoulder bags also come in a variety of styles, such as messenger bags, hobo bags, and crossbody bags.

Handbags are much easier to access quickly than shoulder bags because shoulder bags need to be taken off the shoulder before opening.

Handbags may be less comfortable to carry for extended periods of time, especially if they are heavy while shoulder bags can be more comfortable to carry, as the weight of the bag is distributed across the shoulder and back.


shoulder bag vs messenger bag

Find below the difference between shoulder bag vs a messenegr bag;

A shoulder bag is typically a smaller bag that is designed to be carried over one shoulder, with the bag itself hanging down at your side while a messenger bag is a larger, more casual bag that is designed to be worn across the body, with the bag hanging down at your side or on your back.

Shoulder bags are often used for more formal occasions or for carrying smaller items, such as a wallet, phone, and keys while Messenger bags are often used by students or professionals who need to carry laptops, textbooks, and other larger items.

Finally, shoulder and crossbody bags are made up of various durable materials like canvas, nylon and have multiple compartments for organization.


tote bag vs crossbody bag

Below is the difference between a tote bag and a crossbody bag;

Tote bags are generally larger than crossbody bags, with more capacity to hold a variety of items.

Tote bags are worn on the shoulders and can be more cumbersome to carry, especially if they are heavily loaded while Crossbody bags are designed to be worn across the body, with a single strap that can be adjusted to fit snugly.

Tote bags are often used as fashion accessories and can be found in a variety of styles and materials, from canvas to leather while Crossbody bags also come in a range of materials and styles, but are often seen as a more casual, functional option.

Crossbody bags are more comfortable to wear for extended periods, as the weight is distributed evenly across the body unlike tote bags.

Tote bags are typically rectangular or square in shape, with open tops and two shoulder straps while crossbody bags come in a variety of shapes.


crossbody bag vs messenger bag

I hope this doesn’t come as a shocker to some of us but the truth is that messenger bags are a sub-category of a crossbody bag.

That is, they are a type of crossbody bag. Remember crossbody bags are worn across your body from one shoulder and then rest on the opposite hips.

So, what is the major difference between a crossbody bag and a messenger bag specifically?

  • Messenger bags are made from very thick and durable, water-resistant fabric.
  • Messenger bags are mostly used or carried for very formal occasions like work, school, etc.
  • Messenger bags are unisex.
  • Messenger bags are mostly larger than regular crossbody bags and can even fit a laptop or tablet.
  • Messenger bags are made in basic colors so they can be worn with literally any color like grey, brown, or blue. Etc.
  • The strap for messenger bags is very broad compared to a regular crossbody bag.


In conclusion, we all want to appear and look out best and one sure way to do so is to get the right shoulder bag or crossbody bag.

Both items are versatile in style and usage. They are wonderful companions and will go a long way in helping you organize your essentials.

I agree that sometimes we can’t resist the temptation to talk about the shoulder bag vs crossbody bags, but in a real sense and in a lighter mood, there should be no reason to compare both items.

The reasons have been that they are both unique styles and have niches where they serve their purpose. And guess what! You can have both in your collection.


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