To understand the future, we must first comprehend the past. Man is an intelligent being, and everything around us is written or drawn as a story; we see it in sounds, nature, symbols, language, culture, and people.

Symbols are significant and will always be so. Symbols come in many shapes, meanings, and forms according to the age (dispensation) and culture of the period.

In this regard, we shall look into handbag symbolism and what it means. Why is it significant in this age, particularly in the twentieth century?

As we all know, handbags have become essential items for women over the years.  It was a necessity in their life on this side of the world—the most comfortable thing on Earth, in some respects. 

As we go further into this article, you’ll get to know more about handbags and their symbolism. 


importance of handbags

Handbags are more than just fashion accessories; they are incredibly important for several practical reasons. Below are the 4 main importance of handbags;

  • Handbags provide a secure way to store and transport essential items like wallets, keys, and phones.
  • They can also be used to convey a sense of personal style and can be a great way to show off a sense of fashion.
  • Handbags can also play a role in helping to organize and contain everyday items that would otherwise be floating around in your pockets or a backpack.
  • Finally, handbags can be an important part of a woman’s wardrobe and can help to pull together a look, giving her a polished and stylish look.
crossbody bucket handbag for women

Handbags are an important accessory for anyone who wants to look and feel their best.


ancient handbag symbol

The ancient handbag symbol is an ancient symbol used by many cultures to represent power and to honor, goddesses and gods. It resembles a modern purse in appearance.

The shape can be seen in artwork created by the Sumerians of Iraq, in the remains of ancient Turkish temples, in Maori decorations from New Zealand, and in Olmec crafts from Central America.


handbag symbolism

In ancient times, handbag symbolizes a way of showing one’s wealth and social standing aside from storing essential items while in modern times handbag symbolizes independence, self-expression, and femininity.

In addition, the handbag is a powerful symbol that has transcended time and cultures and continues to remain a significant accessory for many women today. 


Clutch evening purse for women

Wallet, pocketbook, and pouch are some alternative words for a purse. First, you will think purses are meant only for women but you will be shocked that men do carry purses but they are called by a different name.

In addition, a purse is a small pouch used for carrying money. It can carry some of the necessities, like your debit and credit card, lipstick, gum or phone.

A purse also happens to be a symbol of femininity. 

Purse synonyms

This could be any color of fabric, such as Black, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, red, etc. 

Depending on the type and size there’s more than one type of purse.  Some have been known to have different shapes and sizes, depending on the kind you’re using. 

There are several types that are very simple, like regular purses, but some have their own unique design that always comes with a zipper.   

wedding clutch purse for women

They can open and close easily, which gives them a very easy handle when needed. There are many types in use and there are so many colors!  The purse is extremely versatile.


In a dream, a handbag can symbolize your power and how you carry yourself in the world. It can represent your identity, security, and sense of self-worth. 


Dreams that involve a handbag can symbolize a desire for security and protection. The handbag may represent a person’s need to feel secure in their life and to feel protected from outside pressures. 


A bag symbolizes equality and independence. 


A handbag can symbolize a variety of things, including status, style, and femininity. It can also be a representation of a person’s identity and individuality.

Furthermore, individuals want to comprehend the meaning of a handbag as a gift so that they might repay the sender.


ancient handbag carvings

The ancient handbag carving can be seen in hieroglyphs of Assyrian gods and other cultures. It depicts the gods holding something in form of a handbag.

The ancient handbag carving was a sight to behold. It was intricately detailed and crafted with precision. 


In recent years, a controversy has arisen over ancient Egyptian handbags depicting gods from Egyptian mythology.

These handbags, which were widely seen in ancient handbag stone carvings feature depictions of gods from Assyrian and Egyptian mythology. 

The ancient handbag controversy has been raging for centuries, with experts and historians debating the origin and purpose of these small, mysterious bags.

Some believe they were a symbol found in carvings of ancient gods, while others believe they were used as a symbol to indicate wealth and power.

Some even speculate that they had something to do with the occult. 

The controversy is complicated by the fact that ancient handbags are very rare, with only a few examples having been unearthed to date.

This lack of evidence has made it difficult to determine their true origin and purpose, leaving many questions unanswered.

Ultimately, the truth may never be known, leaving the ancient handbag controversy to remain a mystery.  


handbags of the gods

Sumerian, American, and Göbekli Tepe depict the enigmatic gods’ handbags.

What makes it possible that a strange carving in the shape of a bag can be seen being carried by the gods in thousand-year-old Anunnaki representations?

While the ultimate power of the Handbags of the gods’ remains shrouded in mystery, one thing is certain: those who possess them have the potential to change the course of history. 


Sumerian handbags

Ancient engravings of Sumerian handbags serve as important status symbols. In every engraving throughout history, the Assyrian demi gods are portrayed carrying an object that resembles a handbag. This is known as “dālu.”

Some serologists claim that the word “dālu” refers to a bucket used for collecting water. These round and cylinder-shaped buckets are mentioned and pictured on the epigraphs of numerous monuments.

These buckets are depicted in both art and reality since some researchers found an Assyrian bucket that resembled the Sumerian handbag (dālu) in every way.

These dālu buckets were constructed from metal, copper, bronze, silver, and gold. These fictitious handbags were shown as carried by divine figures in Assyrian art.

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