Sleeping in a sleeping bag at home is a habit that has been adopted by quite a handful of people. There’s no big deal in deciding to get cozy inside a sleeping bag while at home.

In fact, I’ve seen couples who would snuggle close to each other in a single sleeping bag while at home just because the weather’s been extremely cold outside.

Children when trying to pretend that they’ve gone backpacking even though they are at home and can’t go due to some health challenges can be asked to sleep in their sleeping bags to get the feeling even while at home.

However, when the aforementioned becomes a habit that one can’t seem to stop, then there should be a big question mark attached to the ‘why’.


There’s no harm in sleeping in a sleeping bag every night. Routine campers do this every now and then. Camping out for 3 to 5 days at a stretch will warrant you to sleep in a sleeping bag every night till your camping is over.

Early pregnancies can result in you developing weird habits that you can’t explain. One of these habits could be your want to sleep inside a sleeping bag every night for at least two weeks or till your craving for sleeping bags ceases.


sleeping in a sleeping bag at home

Sleeping in a sleeping bag at home could be a result of one or at least two of the following reasons, you couldn’t go backpacking due to some unforeseen circumstances and you don’t want to miss out on the fun.

It’s extremely cold and the feet warmer inside the bag is all you need to keep your feet warm through the night.

You have a chronic habit of wild tossing and you are trying to curtail this by using the sleeping bag as a restraint or you just developed this weird habit of wanting nothing else but to sleep in the sleeping bag all night long.


can you use a sleeping bag at home

Sleeping bags can be used at home. This is because, while most people have their take on what should be used at home and what not to be used at home, preferences are most definitely different.

Some may decide to sleep in their sleeping bags because of the warmth or just for the mere fun of it.

Extreme cold weather like the winter period can be less uncomfortable with the sleeping bag.

There are some privileges that sleeping in a sleeping bag gives and as a result, some, especially little children, have taken to the habit of always sleeping in a sleeping bag even while at home.

The cuddle effect is something that sleeping inside the sleeping bag gives as opposed to sleeping on an open bed.

User experience

Children will normally like to play with their feet a few minutes before they fall asleep and the best way to achieve this would be to play with the pockets at the feet of their sleeping bags which usually serve as feet warmers.

My little niece would usually crawl into the sleeping bag with brownie, her brown stuffed bear, and demand that I help her zip up the bag while she pretends to be sailing inside a magic ship in space.

Minutes after she has fallen asleep, we will gently bring her out of the bag and lay her on her bed with her stuffed bear.


Sleeping with clothes on inside a sleeping bag helps to keep you warm. Wearing two layers of clothing with hand gloves and stockings will help keep you warm in very cold cases.


There is no general rule on what or what not to wear inside a sleeping bag. There are some who would prefer to sleep without any clothes in a sleeping bag.

There are still others who are very allergic to sleeping naked and can develop things like night fevers if they do.

Hence, whichever case it is, the priority is to keep yourself comfortable and warm.

If your sleeping bag has an inbuilt heated cushion and feet warmers that can keep you very warm and comfortable even without any clothing, then you can sleep in it without wearing anything underneath.

In situations where you have to share a sleeping bag with family or a loved one, you could decide to sleep naked underneath for the general purpose of keeping each other warm with your natural body furnace.

However, if sleeping naked becomes uncomfortable for your partner, courtesy demands that you wear some clothing!


best sleeping bag for everyday use

If you have a child who is prone to wild and somewhat hurtful tossing and turning at night. You might want to try out the use of sleeping every day in a sleeping bag for at least a few weeks.

This technique will most definitely help him adjust his sleeping habit of wild tossing when sleeping.

There are several benefits of a sleeping bag that validates its everyday use by some. These benefits will be explained briefly below:


Warmth and Feet warmers: The sleeping bag is generally designed to keep you warm. The materials with which they are mostly made will naturally keep you warm all night long.

In cases where there are inbuilt heated cushions and feet warmers that can keep you as warm as heaven all night long, then it becomes addictive to want to sleep in nothing else but a sleeping bag.


Privacy and seclusion: when you are out camping or in a dormitory and you are not used to so many people who are not close friends or family, sharing the same room with you.

You might use the sleeping bag as an escape route every night till your camping season is over or till you learn to get acquainted with your temporary roommates.


Enclosure: There is this ‘enclave’ feeling I normally get while inside my sleeping bag. I used enclave because I can’t find the exact words to use in explaining this feeling.

But I enjoy this feeling. It gives me this enclosed and cuddled feeling that would normally make me sleep longer than usual, especially if my sleeping bag is placed on top of my bed at home.

I guess it’s the craving for that ‘enclave’ feeling that makes people squeeze themselves together in a ‘C’ curve with their hands tucked securely between their laps or under their heads when sleeping.


Portable: The sleeping bag is usually compact and easy to unfold and fold. Moving to a smaller apartment can be pretty comfortable with a sleeping bag.

You can simply fold out every night before going to sleep and fold up every morning once you wake up. This way, space becomes less of an issue as you can use your sleeping space for something else during the day.

Everyday sleeping bag to use at home


Travel Friendly: Sleeping bags are mobile, unlike big mahogany beds or bed stands made of oak wood.

You can easily fold them into their bag packs and it’s easy to carry along while traveling. It could be to go see some distant relations or something really important.

The sleeping bag becomes necessary especially if you are not certain of what the sleeping arrangements would be like where you’re headed.

If there are so many people coming, you might want to sleep in your sleeping bag every day till you return home to the large softness of your bed.


Easy to use: There are no struggles to adjust bedspreads or duvets: Bedspreads and duvets can be pretty discomforting, especially if you are a deep sleeper who does not like waking up occasionally to adjust the covers.

Sleeping inside the confines of your zipped-up sleeping bag every day will save you the stress of adjusting your bed covers each time your body gets exposed at night.


Durability: Bed stands or bed springs can break due to constant stomping on the bed.

If you have a family made up of little boys who like to jump like the 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, chances are that your bed might suffer from broken limbs every now and then.

When this happens, you can use the sleeping bags every day till the beds are either fixed or replaced.

The exciting thing about the sleeping bag is its durability as it can last for at least 5 years without getting spoilt.


sleeping bag used for outdoor camping

Sleeping bags are very essential when camping, especially if it’s outdoor camping. The sleeping bag performs the general function of trapping air inside itself and circulating this air around the bag.

This trapped air is heated up by your body’s natural furnace and this helps to keep you warm when outdoors and camping.

camping sleeping bag

Apart from warmth, the sleeping bag serves as protection against mosquito bites and other insect bites which can be very harmful to the body.


You can experience all the fun that comes with camping even while indoors with your indoor sleeping bag.

Some indoor sleeping bags are designed to come with tents with pillows and cushions. Here, the experience that comes with outdoor camping is not entirely lost. 

Kids’ sleepovers are more fun with indoor sleeping bags.

Indoor sleeping bag for home use

They can share their experiences, and tell stories to each other while tucked inside their sleeping bags.

The risk of rolling over each other, especially for rough sleepers is minimized when they are tucked securely inside their separate sleeping bags.

The fun cannot be lost for adults as well. Most sleeping bags for adults are designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

You can decide to keep yourself warm even while indoors with your indoor sleeping bag.


Can you place your sleeping bag on top of your bed? Most people will ask, what’s the essence of still using a sleeping bag when there is a big comfortable bed you can just lie on?

What’s the extra fuss of zipping and unzipping a sleeping bag about, when you can easily plunge into your large spacious bed?

Here are some reasons why people use the sleeping bag in bed:

Extra Comfort: The softness of the bed provides extra comfort which they can’t afford to lose even while trying to retain the warmth that the sleeping bag gives.

More warmth: Sleeping in a sleeping bag gives you more warmth than when on an open bed. Since you are at home, placing the sleeping bag on the floor when you have a softer bed might seem a bit weird.

Mere habit: Some may have developed a mere habit of sleeping in their sleeping bags on top of their beds while at home.


Whatever the reasons are for wanting to sleep daily in a sleeping bag while at home or out camping, sleeping bags are comfortable and nothing extremely serious has been said to be the effect of adopting the use of sleeping bags for everyday use.

If you must have a sleeping bag every night, endeavor to wash it often and use a sleeping bag liner to prevent it from getting too dirty.

But, if this becomes an unstoppable habit where you seem to have nightmares or serious insomnia when not inside your sleeping bag, then you might want to see a shrink or someone else who could be of help.

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