A lot of questions have actually been going on in the minds of many individuals lately mainly ladies and it’s been centering on one particular question “how many purses am I supposed to have as a lady?”

Of recent, I joined a group of ladies’ conversations and a lady made this comment “I have like 25 purses yet I still feel the desire to buy more even though I don’t use more than 10 purses in the space of 3 months”.

Now I stopped to wonder, why will you actually have so many purses that you don’t use and still feel the need to buy more?

It seems it is actually so confusing but after a little research, I feel the need to share this article on just how many purses is too many!

So, if you have actually experienced a similar challenge like this, please go through this article to get informed.


how many purses should a woman have

To begin, before I answer how many purses a woman should have, allow me to ask, are purses only for ladies? Do men use or have purses? What is a man’s purse called?

Naturally, it is presumed that every self-respectable Lady should have in her closet at least 7 purses that she has constantly changed and updated accordingly in every season depending on how durable they are and outdated they become.

small clutch bag for every woman to have

First and foremost she needs two types of small clutches that she can switch between one.

When going for an evening event or dinner in a shade of lovely classy color in this variety such as gold or silver, neutral shades or a black or white colored purse, a multicolor or a pop-up color shade may be bright red, red, green, blue depending on the color that flatters your skin tone and can also pair with a lot of outing gowns and a smart casual evening look.

small crossbody clutch purse for every woman to have

A medium-sized official bag that is able to hold your files, documents all your essentials that is versatile for short business trips or for example when going to work or showing up at your kid’s school event and the school ruins, a set of travel bags for longer journeys trips, tours, and vacations.

A highly essential functional but practical mono strap sling purse or crossbody bag for other outdoor events and hangouts, in a color that serves f several occasions, and a nice fancy bag with a handheld option or quality.

Backpack for women a must have

For a student, a functional but quality backpack should carry books, tabs, textbooks, and notebooks all necessary material that aids your learning from books to EarPods.

trendy laptop bag for women

A functional but trendy Laptop bag is very necessary for those on move with their work tools that are dependable and multifunctional depending on your needs or your lifestyle excluding your very essential bags!


how many purses is too many

How many purses are too many depends largely on the preference of an individual and their choice of styling.

To some 3 purses are too many, while to some 500 purses are not yet enough. So, the truth is actually buying as many purses as you can afford as far as each one is being used periodically.

Furthermore, purses are only too many when you get much more than you can handle and some purses don’t get used for over a year or two.



“Why Ladies are obsessed with purses?” is a question that I have curiously been running through my mind and that has been bugging the minds of so many Ladies from random interviews carried out.

Anyways it’s okay if you’re a purse addict because they are millions of people who are also obsessed as well.

A new season is always an excuse to pick up a new trendy purse from fall to spring, winter, and autumn plus if you have a thing for labels, designers, quality, style, and elegance which the average lady is knowingly or unknowingly Involved with weather classy and the not so classy ranging from elegant or not so elegant Ladies.

We have got you covered most importantly our celebrities that count for an up-shoot in most sales or new trends to stay in vogue and not yoked; they give us an idea that just how many purses is too many is relatively dependent on your personal interest needs and flare.


Female handbags

Here is another line of thought that kept bugging my mind, because I find myself a shopaholic and I love everything fashion going from clothing, and shoes to a bag.

I often find myself indulging in thoughtless shopping sprees just because am entranced with my finding in whatever collections I stumble on and sometimes when I am somewhat depressed.

I used shopping as my escapade, and often remember it giving me such relishing moments feeling like just when a child ‘stole a cookie out of a cookie Jar” with that.

I came to the conclusion that it is relative; It got me thinking about a question I receive on a regular basis, which is how many handbags should I have in my collection, or how many handbags are too many handbags?

Well, today I’m going to answer these questions and more. Keep in mind, that the number of handbags often depends on your house, apartment, or place of living. Also, how much space do you have?

Let’s go ahead and dive into how many handbags does the average woman own.

How many handbags are good to own? The number of handbags absolutely needed is relatively 6 handbags in your closet based on your needs as a lady.

  • An Evening Bag
  • A Tote Bag
  • An Everyday Bag
  • A Midsize Bag
  • A handy travel luggage bag or a bag pack that has a space sized for your laptop
  • A Crossbody Bag


how many designers bag should a lady own

I recommend that a lady should have between 4 to 7 designers bag that should be fit for almost all occasions so you don’t end up buying designer handbags every year.

One Person I know that loves designer bags is my Aunty Rachel, who is also a massive shopaholic.

She never gets tired of the acquisition game, now this obsession has to do more with the love for bags, their designers, new trends, style, and what is in vogue; and not for functionality, practical need bases.

The popular designer has stolen her heart with their constant unveiling year after year!


Well, I personally feel this question varies according to each individual, for instance, if you are monitoring your financial budget, I believe $40 would be the best.

Well if you have a limited income and will still want to manage a decent bag, then $30 would do just fine. But if you are on a spending spree, hmmm, from $100-$1000 would still look cheap in your eyes actually.


Well according to research, the average person should have 3 to 7 purses because it will be very to change them depending on the occasion and increase their durability.


If you are a minimalist or live in a small space you could easily get away with having between 2 to 3 handbags. One small evening handbag, one mid-size bag, and one tote bag.

If you are going the route of having only 3 bags then I highly recommend that you purchase these bags in a neutral color: Black, beige, taupe, Grey, or white.

Neutral colors are super easy to style. In short, you should have no more than 9 bags in your collection.

I highly recommend having 6 high-quality handbags.

And before you, all wonder at my recommendations, “I know there will be some outliers who have a massive walk-in closet, and love collecting handbags. This is slightly above the rule of thumb, give or take a few is completely okay.


People buy many purses because of addiction and many women consider or take their purses to be an accessory so they just simply keep a variety of them to match their outfits.


So generally after reviewing all these questions, it can be said that the question “How many purses are too many?” is a reflection of a personal lifestyle meaning for some 500 purses could still be little while some would consider 5 purses as too many.

The general idea is that when buying the purse should not affect your budget or make you feel unsettled which invades your budget but rather save toward acquiring some time and you should not buy purses that you wouldn’t use.

Also know I recommended that women should have at least 5 bags nevertheless you could have above 5 purses just don’t make your home tacky rather store them in your wardrobe, hang them, or closet where they can be aired while disposing of the unused.

And old purses or give them out so you can don’t turn your garage into a sales parlor littering the environment with unused bags.

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